Ivaylo Donchev is the founder of “ID Productions” LTD.

Graduated as a Master in Landscape architecture in Bulgaria, he decides to fully commit his life and work to his true passion - photography & filmmaking.
He continue his education in that direction in The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, Netherlands.

“ID Productions” works on both commercial and documentary projects.

With us you will find the highest level of professionalism and dedication.
Our main goal is to always make sure that we deliver the best possible result for our clients.

The company is based in Sofia, but it is available for projects worldwide.

As a photographer & filmmaker, Ivaylo has a number of accomplishments,
some of them which are:


  • “#SHOOTMORE” - Burgas, 2019

  • “The Unknown North” - Photosyntesis, Sofia, 2019

  • “Forever” - Burgas, December 2016

  • "Izgrev" - Burgas, August 2017


  • 360 magazine - interview

  • “Boulevard magazine” - publications 2006-2010
    Bulgarian magazine for skateboarding culture

  • “Whiteroom magazine” - publications 2015-2016
    Bulgarian snowboard magazine

  • Rotten magazine - publications 2018
    (1st issue UK lifestyle magazine)


  • “Exit Extreme Film Festival”- 1st prize in
    Best extreme sports film category, 2009

  • “Go Show Film Festival”- shortlisted in
    Best extreme sports film category, 2017